ATTENTION: Forget Aweber, Getresponse or Any Expensive Autoresponder Service Out There

"Let My Team Setup for You A Powerful & Unlimited Autoresponder System that Will Hit Your Subscribers Inbox Like Baba Muna Edutainment Kitchen"

"Your List Is A Money Nest!"

Every budding internet entrepreneur has heard this countless times. But how do you build your own list? When Aweber and Getresponse are charging over $100/month to keep just 10,000 subscribers

Lets say you have 10,573 subscribers and you email them once a month. Here is the cost in picture.



And when you go ahead and acquire over a 100,000 email list just like me (i have millions) and you upload it to your getresponse account, below is what their charges PER MONTH looks like


Yea...about 800 dollars in this buhari regime...

That amounts to about N336,000 naira per month.

From The Desk Of Kolawole Bulk Email Marketng  WIzard{BEM W}

Hey Netprenuer,

It's Kolawole here - and on behalf of my Email Server Team, thanks for taking the time to check this out.

And if you miss this gist today, you would later come back to pay N150,000 no mercy fee for it.. 

Listen, I'll get straight to the point...

So, if you're sick and tired of the high costs of newsletter services and not afraid to step up your game. This is the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Stop worrying about losing your lists and accounts based on the whims of your newsletter service.  Your mailing list is (or should be) the lifeblood of your online business and you need to own it.  Do not leave this asset under control of a third party.

Have you heard of Self Hosted Autoresponder? An Email Marketing Autoresponder system that allows you to sending thousands of emails unlimitedly at a very cheap price.

This system is usually hosted on a robust SMTP Server that you can connect with your email application and get emails sent out in no time while paying a first setup rate of N149,999 OR $249.99 Only. And starting from the following month $30/month

This means that you can send an email to unlimited numbers of people daily and pay just a first setup rate of N149,999 OR $428.99 Only. And starting from the following month $30/month. Yes!!! Its not an error. Its N149,999.

As in just a first setup rate of N149,999 OR $428.99 Only. And starting from the following month $30/month.

After using this system for close to 4 years now. I have come to the conclusion that It takes experience to know how to hit your subscribers inbox at 100% rate; and My TEAM Expertise +VPS + a Self Hosted Application can help you achieve that.

You see, Self Hosted Application are everywhere online where you can buy and install on your hosting account ready to send emails. Likes of Arpreach etc.

I have used and reused the so called Apreach and i tested this one i am about to setup for you and to love because of its simplicity... Is a simple, User friendly, feature rich App that beats the record... . The features will amaze you.

But it didn't end with the features. After using This Apreach Mailing Software and VPS server for months. The delivery rate wasn't really impressive.

I Contacted  a Software Developer

I call my software pal - Mr Hassan, a Pakistani and we put our resources together, and developed Some Powerful Custom Addons which i integrated in this Advanced Autoresponder System. And it gave me 100% delivery, anytime, any day since 2013.

With this...

Anyone can use the system for sending unlimited emails to unlimited lists, No bounds. You can use it as follow up autoresponder too, can track open, click rate, inbox delivery and even weed out multiple emails etc.


Welcome to the World of Smart Email Marketing

What if we could setup your own ultra 100% Delivery Rate Autoresponder on your site. With all features & even better than that of most commercial Autoresponder Services out there.

Stop paying monthly for a service you can get for close to Nothing.

Stop It

A lot of people have tried to setup their Self Hosted solution but failed. This is because it takes an expert in the field to setup something as complicated as a self hosted autoresponder system.

Some people even spent their 200 dollars [84,000] to get Apreach installed on their VPS, but the later found out that they cannot sent multiple campaigns at a time with Apreach and other super features that cannot be found on Apreach.

There're a lot of software out there that you can buy, stick your neck out and try to configure to send out your emails, but get to discover that 50 - 70% of your email goes directly to spam folders.

I see people going for free or cheap autoresponder services which literally deliver their email to spam and junk folders. Making your marketing and advertising effort to hang like a rope.

To New and intermediate Marketer, this can be the beginning of the end of their businesses because they'll think email marketing doesn't work.

Take it or Leave it; Email Rules the World of Digital Marketing


Social media, mobile, and video are sexy. But despite their allure, email remains the most powerful force driving advertising efficiency in 2016 till date. The numbers don't lie.

And marketing is a game of number...

The person with a 100,000 expensive niche specific email data base will make more money than one with 10,000 email database.

Email Delivers the highest ROI out of any advertising channel. Statistic shows that for every $1 spent on email marketing, minimum of $43 is returned.
Email is up to 40X more effective than any other advertisement model for acquiring customers.
Email Drove the most online sales on Black Friday (25.1% of all online orders).
Email stands strong on its own. No doubt. But it also plays an integral role in just about every other popular advertising channel.

I can go on and on to show you the superior power of an email over all other advertisement medium. But it doesn't work on just an ordinary email system. Email Rocks when you have a Very Good Email Autoresponder System with guaranteed inbox delivery.

When it comes to email marketing, Inbox Delivery is the Key

Its time to put your wallet back. Save your money for your next birthday. Get a better solution for your email marketing needs and pay as you go.





97 - 100% inbox Delivery

The e-business solution that will help you create financial freedom and increase your sales Automatically, Endlessly and Effortlessly while paying in Cents.

Inbox Director Autoresponder System is a unique and revolutionary autoresponder system you can find NOwhere else. This is not some crappy ebook on how to setup a self hosted system... This is a fully done for you system. I'll install and configure everything from A to Z.

  • Your Domain

  • On our High Spec SSD Dedicated Servers

This all you need to get your autoresponder system up an running within 72hrs.

Verify Your Sending Domain on the World Wide Web. Secret Sauce
Install Advanced Mailing Software on your domain with addons
Setup cron jobs
Configure A secret component. (99% of people don't know this)
Setup a delivery server for you.
Configure PowerMTA ,SPF , DKIM , rDNS DMARC IP Rotation
Setup bounce and complains servers
Install 4 personally created custom addons for 100% inbox delivery.(Nobody can offer this setup except i and my team)
Authenticate your Autoresponder system for 100% Delivery.
Give you a Users guide videos and White label Tips. Very important.


100% Access to your Personal and Professional autoresponder system. (The Inbox Director Autoresponder System) You can send unlimited emails.

Advanced Autoresponder app: Life Time License. Nothing to pay thereafter. Its yours for life. I mean forever.

Fully Configured VPS . All you have to pay is just a first setup rate of N49,999 OR $428.99 Only. And starting from the following month $30/month for unlimited mails every day.

Users Guide - Video
White Label Tips - pdf

FREE 1,000 SUBSCRIBERS TRIAL. Oh yes!, we are offering you a free trial to test our system before you hunt it. You do not have to pay any Monthly/Yearly fee. The only limitation is that you would only be able to upload 1,000 subscribers only CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW!!!


  • Unlimited number of Subscribers. Click on a mailing list and you'll see the interface to manage subscribers. You can add or edit them manually, import and export CSV, Text file.

  • No IP reputation building needed. Yea, you do not need to start building any IP reputation as we have warmed and hungry IP's that are ready to go for launch and lunch. Just get your account created and start sending out your campaigns straight to Baba Muna Inbox

  • Unlimited mailing lists. Define a mailing list and add as many members as you wish.

  • Auto Bounce and Handling: This system auto detect and blacklist bounced emails and never send emails to them.

  • Opt-in and double opt-in - Configurable at general level or for each mailing list. The choice is yours.

  • You can customize the contents of the double opt-in email and the unsubscribe text.

  • Custom fields management. You can add unlimited number of fields to your registration forms. The collected data can be replaced in the mails to personalize them.

  • Detailed logs of sent emails for each autoresponder. You'll know exactly what messages received by every member of your mailing list.

  • You can track link clicks and file downloads and know which ones attract the most interest.

  • Email templates. Upload HTML designs to reuse them in your marketing messages.

  • Sequential auto responder messages. This is probably the most used feature of every auto responder software. You can define a number of mails which to be sent in various intervals after user registration.

  • Fixed date mailings. You can also schedule mails that will go out on a fixed date - for example Christmas greeting or hot offers.

  • Email every 3 days, every 7 days, etc. You can set messages to be repeated in equal intervals to achieve maximum effect.

  • Every "weekday" emails. You can schedule messages that will be sent every Tuesday, every Saturday and so on.

  • Set time of the day for autoresponder messages. You can select after what time of the day your messages to be sent thus avoiding sending important message during the night.

  • Personalization of the messages. You can address your subscribers by name and all the custom fields you add.

  • Contact form mailing list. Create any kind of contact forms for your sites. Optionally set up auto-reply and get those who contacted you enrolled in autoresponders.

  • Format your messages with rich text editor. WYSIWYG editor available for email formating.

  • Attachments. You can add unlimited number of attachments to each autoresponder or newsletter email.

  • Search/Sort/Filter the members in the autoresponder mailing lists to find quickly the one you are looking for.

  • Import/Export subscribers via your account.

  •  Shows your Email Delivery details. You wont just sit there thinking that your emails has been sent. Here you can actually see if your emails have been delivered by the system and how many are remaining to be delivered to INBOX.

  •  FREE 1,000 SUBSCRIBERS TRIAL. Oh yes!, we are offering you a free trial to test our system before you hunt it. You do not have to pay any Monthly/Yearly fee. The only limitation is that you would only be able to upload 1,000 subscribers only CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW!!!

"You have 100% Control. No Body Policing you on what to send and how many people to send to"

I'll do all the hard work... All you have to do is login to your website autoresponder, upload your list, write your email message and SEND. I forgot to add - Directly to their Inbox.

Listen Pal

Whether you have a list of 10,000 subscribers or your list is 1,000,000 subscribers... You'll send your first mass email In  72hours from now. I still need to add - Directly to their Inbox.


I Personally Built a list of 950,000 Subscribers within 1 years

Because i didn't have to budget hundreds or thousands of dollars for autoresponder service.

How much would i be coughing out monthly if i'm to pay a third party to keep about 900,000 subscribers of mine. Huh!!! But i pay just 30 dollars per month to  send emails while i keep my list by myself as the list keeps growing.

I even intend to increase my server space and import more 3 million emails i just acquired.

Let me tell you something... 99% of Successful Establishments don't depend on Third Party Autoresponder


Do you know any successful establishment? Check the footer of their emails, does it look like they sent it from Aweber or Getresponse. Hell NO!!!

Auto Email Cleaning/Bounce Processing


Got Bad Emails in your List? No Worries! Our Platform automatically removes invalid emails from your List during Upload and while sending your Campaigns. All Bounced/Invalid Emails are properly identified and you can choose to Automatically delete them from your List with the Click of a Button!

Multiple Sender ID Support

Another unique feature of our Platform is the ability to use Multiple Sender IDs (for e.g [email protected]). If you run Multiple Businesses, you can send Email Campaigns for ALL of them with ease. What’s More? You can Also send Email Campaigns on Behalf of your Clients and Charge them for it!


For the New Marketer

If you're just starting out and want to make the best out of your new business without spending a fortune on Monthly Subscriptions. Inbox Director Self Hosted Autoresponder System is for you.

For the Intermediate Marketer

If you’ve been working your online business for a while now, and already have an email communication and marketing strategy in place, you’ll probably want that little bit more functionality in place than AWeber can offer and want to minimize cost while hitting your subscribers inbox like never before. Inbox Director Self Hosted Autoresponder System is for you.

For the Expert Marketer

If you’ve moved up to the position of a serious marketer and need a really robust service to manage all of your emails, subscriber lists and automation, so that you’re freed up to focus on your business while retaining absolute control over your marketing solution. Inbox Director Self Hosted Autoresponder System is for you.



I Want You To Succeed!

...And I can go any length to ensure I realize that!

Hence, if you hurry up to be among the first 5 people to grab this great inbox director self hosted Autoresponder   within 5 days from today  , you will benefit from the following and more super exclusive bonuses; 


Super Exclusive Bonus

Automatic Access Into My Active Email Database Of Over 700,000 Active Nigerian Email Addressees That You Can Start Blasting Your Autoresponder Emails

- List consist 100% Nigerian active subscribers that you can market you product or service to)
- No Duplicated emails
- Good Open rates and click rates if used correctly
- Buyers inside the lists as they are gathered from adverts!
- Once again , list was built from solo ads.
- Instant access

700,000 Active Nigerian Emails....Value N500,000


Please note that you can only benefit from the super bonus if you are one of the lucky first 5 people to order for their own Inbox Autoesponder system  within 7 days from today 


I wouldn't want to start breaking down the cost. But note that ADVANCED MAILING SOFTWARE alone is $459 and my 4 custom built addons is valued at $500. Professional setup and configuration of VPS sever will cost alot.

So if I tell you to pay N500,000 I will be justified right? 

But I won't tell you to pay that much. Why should I? I know that not all of us are financially buoyant. I used to be in your shoes and I know how it pinches.

So  you won't be paying N400,000.

You won't even be paying N350,000 as well.

You won't even be paying N250, least for now.

So how much is a fair price for this package?


Yes, You Can Get you Own Inbox Director Autoesponder System Today For a 

One time (No Monthly/Yearly) fee of

N149,999 ONLY


What is Autoresponder?

I call it My Virtual Secretary. My bestie call it Money Messenger. I don't just know the correct definition, i think Google will help.

 How much do i need to pay Monthly?

You pay a first setup rate of N149,999 OR $428.99 Only. And starting from the following month $30/month

 What makes Inbox Director Autoresponder System so different from others out there?

It combines the power of Interspire  and 4 custom Built Addon that directs your emails to your subscribers inbox. 99 - 100% Guaranteed. Complimented by the fact that i do the complete setup process for you from start to finish.

How Long will it take you to set it up?

The setup process will take 48 - 72hrs and its on a first come first serve basis.

I'm not very technical, can I use this? 
Yes! This is so easy to use that you won't even need to watch a tutorial video to start using it. It is probably the most user friendly Autorespnder System I've ever used!

Below are the video tutorials we will give to you on how to manage the portal?

1. Logging in, Editing your account and list course
2. Sending Campaigns course
3. [Very important] Playing safe with your mailing list
4. Adding and Verifying sending domains
5. Building your IP reputation Monitoring and checking your email delivery status via web hosting management {WHM}

Do you offer support?

100% support.  


Our 100% MoneyBack Guarantee!

Order your Inbox Director Autoresponder System, fire it up and use it to your advantage.

If you follow all my instructions and you're not 100% satisfied, or it doesn't skyrocket your sales and save you some cash, just let me know within the next 60 days and I will refund every penny you spent.
No hassle, no forms to fill out. We are taking all the risk away from you. You even keep the free bonuses.
We are that convinced you'll love Inbox Director Self Hosted Autoresponder System!


Get your Inbox Director Self Hosted Autoresponders Account NOW!!!

At N149,999 OR $428.99 One Off Show me Mercy Payment


Here’s What To Do To Get The Inbox Director Autoresponder System  Today!


How to Order  Your The Inbox Director Autoresponder System Risk-Free!

Yes! I want to get instant access now The Inbox Director Autoresponder System Today for

N149,999 ONLY

So I will Stat Massive Bulk Email Marketing Business This Year ...

Yes! I understand that I will be getting access to my Inbox Director Autoresponder System Completely Set Up With A Very Powerful VPS/Dedicated delivery Sever.
Yes! I also understand that this COMPLETE package will come with video and pdf tutorials to enable me hit 97%% to 100% Inbox rates when mailing my subscribers.
Finally Yes! I understand that no hidden charges behind the N149,999 or $428.99 first setup fee and $30/month VPS fee. (No Monthly/Yearly Payment(s))
Oh, one more Yes! I also understand that if I don't order today in order to be among the first 5 people, I would come back and pay N150,000.

On that basis...I am interested!

Order Now For A Payment of 

N149,999 ONLY


STEP A: Pay the appropriate amount via online/mobile transfer or direct bank deposit to the below accounts:


Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
Account Name – Kollydaton Innovations
Account Number – 017-418-0828



We also accept PayPal, Bitcoin, Perfectm0ney, Payoneer

STEP B: After payment, send an email with the SUBJECT of your email saying "Paid Inbox Director"

The content of your email must contain the following:

Full depositors name, teller no (only if you paid cash into the bank), email address, GSM number, The amount paid and the bank name you paid to + Date of payment to

For more details you can call or  send SMS to 09053488846 & 08066532267 Once I receive & confirm your payment details,  Inbox Director Autoresponder System will be set up and all the login details plus video and pdf tutorials will be sent to you.


 Random Quotes:

Sincerely yours,


CEO Kollydaton Innovations and Technology

Tel: 09053488846 or 08066532267

P.S Consider how much you're going to pay Aweber or Getresponse this month end. Even when you hardly send out emails.

P.P.S. Remember, you can automatically follow up on an unlimited number of subscribers for life without any form of monthly payments. You'll boost your sales while saving money.

P.P.P.S. We reserve the right to take down this special setup offer priced without notice.
Don't gamble on tomorrow, PLACE you
r  ORDER right now and get started on your new autoesponder TODAY