ATTENTION: Forget Aweber, Getresponse or Any Expensive Autoresponder Service Out There


Its Time to Release the Beast of Marketing...

Finally the Opportunity to bring Software As A Service is at hand. The full freedom from other ThirdParty Autoresponder Service. Stop Being a spectator and Release the Beast!

I am KOLLYDATON W. A tycoonist and online base entrepreneur that venture into multiple source of income. I teach people Locally and Internationally how to be financially free through the internet and also a web hosting pro. But my highest pro field is setting up Bulk Email Marketing Portal to send unlimited mails daily for interested persons. You may want to CLICK HERE for more info about that.

"The beginning of a skill acquisition always looks like slavery, it is like a war. But once you master the skill you become a king. Never give up on your dream!" ~Kollydaton

Lets say you have 10,573 subscribers and you email them once a month. And when you go ahead and acquire over a 100,000 email list just like me (i have millions) and you upload it to your getresponse account, below is what their charges PER MONTH looks like

Your List Is A Money Nest!

Take it or Leave it; Email Rules the World of Digital Marketing and I belief every buddy internet entrepreneur has heard this countless times. But how do you build your own list? When Aweber and Getresponse are charging over $100/month to keep just 10,000 subscribers

Introducing A System That Replaces Multiple Marketing Tools

Have you heard of UNLIMITED Autoresponders?

A Multiple Email Marketing Autoresponder system that allows you to be sending thousands of emails unlimitedly at a very cheap price.

The Highest Deliverability inThe World

Hosted on a robust SMTP Server that you can connect with your email application and get emails sent out in no time while paying a little setup fee and be able to send unlimited mails.

Multiple SMTP Servers
And Multiple Domains to Send!

Setup multiple SMTP accounts depending on your resources and desired configurationselect multiple domains to send your campaign from. This also includes powerful API integration

Nobody can Offer this Setup

The Beast has The capability to automatically rotate the sending domain, to virtually make it work like a separate sending unit, having its own Sending Domain and From information.

What Are You Waiting For?

Multiple Server Setups to Increase Performance

Marketing Automation

Design the user experience and automate the marketing flow. Setup triggers based upon subscriber’s activity and stay delegate with them by automating the actions to run.

Easy Optin Forms

The best contacts with higher level of email engagement are the ones that reside within a double optin contact list. Collect contact details including the point to contact (Email), store them and send them an email with a confirmation link to confirm the validity of subscriber’s email

Dynamic Content

Advanced Dynamic Content personalization with Custom Variables to boost the response rate. Decide when the system should execute an action.

Deep Segmentation

Ensure conversion rates by sending only relevant content. Make use of segmentation to create more targeted subsets of your list. Filter contacts by their engagement level to devise more intelligent sending strategy.

Integrated YWSIWYG Email Editor

Unlimited Email Validation

Verify emails and protect your sending score so you dont destroy your reputation online

Predictable Purchase Pattern

Deliver products according to the geographic or demographic outline of your subscribers. Create separate showcases using the Dynamic Content Unit,
And automatically send it according to your tags.
The same way you can predict according to the geographic details like Language to strengthen data driven email marketing using Dynamic Content Tag.

A Deliverability Server Just For You

Auto Follow-ups & Drip Marketing Campaigns

Set Date & Specific Duration Drip Campaigns to automatically nurture and qualify your Leads


Geo Specific Reporting

Create new segment based on subscriber status within the selected list. Send Specific campaigns triggered by Open Rates, Geo Location or Status

Domain Specific Performance & Summary

Determine The Best times to launch campaigns. Split Test them and Adjust Accordingly to your Goals

Every Email Counts
Your Business At A Glance

Exact count of total email sent,
how many of the total sent has opened your email and out of the opened how many has clicked on the link within. Unsuscribes and
Unopened Rates

Send 100% deliveravility emails to unlimited numbers of people Daily

Are you Ready to Dominate the Email Marketing Game?


Unlimited number of Subscribers
Unlimited mailing Lists
Unlimited Autoresponders
Unlimited Attachments
Auto Bounce and Handling
Opt-in and double opt-in
Custom fields management
Detailed logs
Link and Download Tracking
Email templates and WYSIWYG Editor
Sequential auto responder messages
Fixed date mailings (daily, weekly, etc)
Split Testing With Automated Campaign Winner Deploymen
Suscriber Management: Search/Sort/Filter, Export and Import Contacts
Delivery Reporting
And many more

I bought Inbox setup from saporus, here is my review: Service was top notch, he got me going in less than 12 hours, pretty much did everything for me,and I am ready to roll, he has also helped me to understand how to make money with my email server, and give me great advice for getting started,all in all this has been a great investment, well worth the money.Thanks,

Mydream2 from BBHF

I agree with mydream2, in review of Saporus' project. He is a consummate professional, truly a 'Professionals Professional'. He over delivered, on time and definitely 'under budget'. I was not exactly an 'easy customer' to work with due to limitations of my current 'J.O.B' which gave me very little time to prepare for him. He walked me through the entire process, provided amazing support documents and got my server up and running in very short order. Well worth the investment, if you want to grow your email marketing efforts. Well done, Saporus!! Best wishes in your new business (ad)venture.

BigDaddio from BBHF

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